DJI Spark Evaluation and where to buy now

Selfie is quite common, but it is really uncommon to take selfies in air with your hands.

On the evening of May 24th, 2017, DJI released Spark Selfie Drone in New York. In order to figure out how the magic device has transformed our selfie experience, we got a Spark immediately to give it a shot.

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How to evaluate Dji (Matrice) M200 Drone Series and buy

In the Mobile World Congress(MWC), DJI released a new industry application flying platform: Matrice M200 series. As the first industry protection level flying platform, M200 is based on the core and control of Inspire2 and can be folded like Mavic Pro. The four-axis aircraft can be loaded in a car, mainly used in aerial photography data collection, inspection and other areas.

Perhaps the general public shows little interests in the release of an industrial drone, however, on top of the basic functions, M200 series possess some「Special Attributes」which might be further 「inherited」in the products to be released in the future. That makes it much more compelling and worthy of attention.  

Three PlatformDesigned for Inspection

The M200 flying platform series released in this session include M200, M210 and M210 RTK. It should be noticed that M200 can work with a bottom-mounted single PTZ and M210 can go with a below-mounted double PTZ, an upper-mounted single PTZ. M210 can also be equipped with interfaces and linked with third party sensors and accessories. That is to say, it can achieve 360 degree full-directional inspection and data collection. Of course, 7-mile image transfer is the standard configuration.

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Dji mavic vs phantom 4 and best buy

How to choose between Mavic and Phantom4? Does Mavic overwhelmingly knock out Phantom4? I am sure there is an urgent need to compare these two products to avoid further misunderstanding. Actually, Mavic and Phantom 4 are definitely two products targeting at different consumers. Just judging from the appearance, you can find one is bigger and one small, one is gray and one white. Both drones are the flagship products of DJI and the “KO” comment cannot hold water. Now, in this article we are going to help you sort out your thoughts.

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DJI Goggles Releases:Control a Drone with Your Head and buy

On April 25, 2017, DJI-Innovations(DJI) released its first goggle – DJI Goggles, which not only allows wearers to command a “God’s view”, but also control a drone directly with their heads.

Although it looks cumbersome, the DJI officials said that the headset design makes the overall weight of the goggles evenly distributed in wearers’ head so as to minimize the pressure on the head. Furthermore, there is no need for the nearsighted to remove their glasses before watching. Currently, DJI Goggles supports Mavic Pro,  4 series and Inspire series and the specific functions will be slightly adjusted in accordance with the features of different aircrafts. Its specific performances and configurations are as follows:

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DJI and Hasselblad: the world’s first aerial view platform featured with 100 million pixels.

Recently, DJI and Hasselblad have jointly released an aerial view platform – the world’s first aerial view platform featured with 100 million pixels. This Platform consists of Matrice M600 Pro flight platform, RY Ronin-MX and Hasselblad H6D-100c. Up to now, it has been the most powerful top aerial view device in the world. Its Matrice M600 Pro flight platform applies six-rotor design, with a dust-proof system, equipped with DJI Lightbridge 2 broadcast-level integrated aerial view image transmission and also with a comprehensive battery management system. In addition, it can be equipped with six independent smart batteries.

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