Already Got Inspire1? Tell You 52 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade it into Inspire2 in 10 Minutes

Integrated standalone 360°rotating 4K camera, built-in visual positioning system, HD video transmission system, transforming landing device and gorgeous design, Inspire1 launched in 2014 still remains an excellent classic even today. However, what technical difficulties have been solved and what key technical upgrading has been achieved in Inspire2, a darling drone of pro filmmakers? Today, we are going to explore 52 key techniques of Inspire 2 that have been upgraded, which is worthy of careful reading no matter whether the device in your hand is Inspire 1 or Inspire 2.


Powerful Efficiency

1、Longer Effective Shooting Time

The endurance of Inspire 1 RAW is 12 minutes only at room temperature, while that of Inspire2 mounted Zenmus X5S camera reaches 21 minutes, approximately 2 times of that of Inspire 1 RAW. Thanks to the improved endurance, you can deliberately make Inspire2 wait in midair for the directions from a director. Also, you can complete several test shots or a range of scenes with one set of batteries only, thus doubling the shooting efficiency.

*Endurance mentioned below refers to effective shooting time.

2、Shooting at Low Temperature

At low temperature, the performance of Inspire 1 Pro/RAW will be subject to the chemical characteristics of batteries (because temperature will affect the chemical activity of batteries), leading to a rapid decline in flight time and flight dynamics. It is extremely embarrassing when you bring a drone to the shooting site and only to find it is unable to complete the flight mission due to the low temperature of batteries. Now Inspire2 can save you the trouble. With battery self-heating function, Inspire2 can maintain the working temperature of battery with a small amount of power, thus maintaining the flight performance, flight dynamics and flight time of Inspire2 at low temperature.

3、Shorter Preflight Preparation Time

Press power button for 5 times after installing the battery properly, install PTZ and propeller and then you can launch an Inspire2 in 30 seconds. During that time, Inspire1 has yet installed its camera or propeller.

4、Charging Current of Mobile Devices Increased to 2A

When using Inspire 1, it is not uncommon that drone flyers have to wait for recharging the phone used as an image transmission screen which runs out of power after 2 sorties. With the improvement, your phone can maintain high electricity when a mission has been completed. Although that has reduced the endurance of remote control to some degree, the remote control be used while charging. Meanwhile, the remaining capacity of flight battery can be used to charge remote control.

5、Simple, Effective and Stable Device Upgrading

Once a new firmware is detected in a server, App will send a notice and download the firmware directly. One can easily complete the upgrading of remote control and drone via APP. Furthermore, the latest firmware will be reserved after drone upgrading. Just install camera PTZ or battery that have yet been updated, relevant module can be upgraded immediately. These improvements have significantly enhanced the version management and reliability of Inspire2 and make it much easier for upgrading.

6、Charge Management
With the standard charge management and 180W charger, 4 batteries can be fully charged in 3 hours. When batteries have been fully charged, you will hear a sound notice. Moreover, the upcoming charge station will further enhance the charge management efficiency.

7、Efficient Post-Workflow

When using Inspire2 mounted X5S to record RAW video, SSD card can directly save RAW video of CinemaDNG format which is generally compatible to postproduction software, thus saving the trouble of transcoding. In addition, SSD card uses the FAT32 general file system, which means general computer can read the files inside. The brand-new RAW workflow is in line with the current standards of film and television industry and has successfully fixed one of the challenging technical difficulties of Inspire 1 RAW.

8、FPV Camera

Inspire2 is not only equipped with the long-anticipated FPV camera, but also provides 2-axis vibration reduction and controlled pitch function.

 Excellent Performance

9、Brand-New Aircraft Design

Inspire2 has adopted a brand-new structure design and the weight of fuselage has been cut approximately 10%. As for a small size drone, the proportion of fuselage weight is the major factor in flight performance and flight time. That is to say, smaller weight proportion means larger load and more batteries.

10、Incredible Altitude-Hold Performance

Adopted dual barometer redundancy design and unique height control algorithm, Inspire2 has successfully solved the problem of altitude-hold during flight(airflow velocity will significantly affect the measurement accuracy of barometer with yawing up to 20 meters). Therefore, Inspire2 is definitely a DJI product with the best altitude-hold performance in the current market, and any operator can fell fully confident in controlling the flight height.

11、Downward Visual Positioning and Altitude-Holding

The downward visual positioning of Inspire2 adopts the dual camera design, which promises its positioning function as well as distance measurement capability. Making up for the errors resulting from ultrasonic altitude-holding which is considerably subject to surface materials, it can complement each other, thus covering the height measurement ranging from 5cm to 10 m and lifting the translational visual positioning height up to 10m. Moreover, the performance of ultrasonic altitude-hold has been significantly improved compared with that of the last generation, showing more excellent altitude-hold performance of terrain clearance flight. Therefore, operators can easily complete terrain clearance operation with high quality.

12、Increased Control Precision

It is almost always the case that Inspire2 seems to stop working when completing subtle movements. Inspire 2, however, demonstrates considerable improvements in the aspect of control. For example, small measuring rod makes movements subtler and strong dynamics as well as powerful response capability of dynamics system enable it fully express the intention of operators with massive movements. After trying Inspire2 for the first time, many users said that “the drone is so responsive!”. Unfortunately, it is hard to express the feeling in language, and only those who had experienced personally can understand its excellence.

13、Enhanced Tolerance to Compass Error

Compass is considerably susceptible to external interference, but it is also a key data source for the navigation system. Inspire2 has adopted multiple means to recognize susceptible compass data and remedy errors in other ways, which has comprehensively improved navigation quality and reliability.

14、Powerful Flight Dynamic

Generally speaking, electrical machine can maintain abundant electricity except that maximum flight happens oblique upward continuously when several electrical machines might reach peak output. In contrast, Inspire1 Pro lags far behind RAW in dynamic. For example, dynamics protection is frequently need even in the process of level flight at room temperature. And the maximum level speed in windless environment is only about 17m/s. If upward movement involved simultaneously, Inspire1 Pro/RAW has to decrease the pose angle to maintain enough lifting dynamic. However, Inspire2 mounted X5S can easily reach the speed as fast as 22m/s while maintaining sufficient lifting dynamic. Moreover, its maximum level speed tops 26m/s, the output power of which is twice of that of 22m/s. As we can see, the dynamic margin of Inspire2 is abundant, that can explain the reason why it is equipped with excellent maneuverability.

15、Amazing Maneuver Capability

The Inspire 2 flies at up to 94km/h (even faster in downwind flight), descends at 9m/s and climbs at 6m/s, showing a significant increase compared with Inspire1. That is to say, Inspire2 is capable of working in a wide range of scenes. As for a photography tool, it is an essential added value. Especially, the descending speed of 9m/s is a unique miracle in the current market.

16、Straighter Flight Route

For photographers, it is extremely difficult to fly a perfect straight line route. That’s because the disturbance of crosswind in midair can always change a straight line into a curve. However, the control algorithm of anti-crosswind disturbance enables users to fly a perfect straight line with ease.

17、Precision Hover

Precision positioning capability seems to be quite ordinary, but it remains to be an essential indicator to evaluate the fundamental performance of sensor system, navigation system, control system and dynamics system. Any deficit in a single link would directly influence the performance of positioning. Obviously, Inspire2 is far exceeding Inspire 1 in this respect.

18、Smother Braking

Inspire2 also demonstrates subtle improvements in its brakes. It is not unusual that the overt violent braking actions ruin the whole scene inadvertently, therefore quite a few users would turn to pose mode to avoid the problem. Inspire 2, however, can adjust the braking force to an appropriate range, which is definitely a gospel for operators.

19、Tripod Mode Enables Precision Shooting

One of the amazing highlights of tripod mode lies in that Inspire2 can be adjusted to velocity control mode where rocker location changes along with the flight speed instead of being in a fixed flight status. As the disturbance of wind and other slight movement of rocker has been eliminated, it has significantly simplified the operation process. Therefore, it is the first choice for the scene shooting that requires strict flight precision. On top of that, users can further adjust the maximum velocity of tripod mode in accordance with their specific requirements.

Unique Functions


When QuickSpin function is enabled, Inspire2 will automatically spin 360° when PTZ come close to reaching its rotation limit to provide more space for PTZ. Apart from that, the QuickSpin function can be activated manually. Moreover, aircraft can still fly normally in accordance with the directions of rocker during a spin. QuickSpin can turn a PTZ with limited rotation range into one with unlimited rotation range thus makes it easier to use for two people.

One Person and One Device, One Masterpiece

21、Optimized One Person Scene Shooting

When budget and staff is limited or without the help of an assistant, one person scene shooting is needed. In one person scene shooting mode, it is not unusual in Inspire1 that delay happens in controlling yaw direction, making it difficult for users to operate carefully, let alone produce a perfect image. However, Inspire2 can send yaw directions to control the movement of PTZ directly while doing yaw movements. Aircraft will follow the yaw of PTZ to ensure the rotation accuracy. In this way, it shows little difference with two persons shooting. On top of that, Spotlight Pro and TapFly can also make it much easier for one person shooting and help to complete complicated scenes. Detailed introduction is available below.

22、Spotlight Pro

Spotlight Pro is an image recognition function based on Inspire2 processing platform, which enables Inspire2 to track any given object by automatically controlling the rotation of PTZ and keeping targeted object in the composition position of the frame. Preset composition is also available. When the subject enters the preset tracking position, press the shortcut to begin tracking. Spotlight Pro can be used in multiple flight modes. In TapFly mode, operators can put the controller aside and produce a fabulous pull-up surround video. You have to say, Spotlight Pro is an amazing highlight for users, and the excellent tracking effect optimized by 45mm lens even wins over the applause of professional drone flyers.


TapFly is a new function that has been first introduced in phantom4. Users can control the flight route via a touch screen. Tap a point onscreen, you can go anywhere you like, and the Inspire2 will automatically fly along the route. Moreover, you can adjust the direction and speed via the rocker. Originally, it was designed to help the drone reach anywhere you like. However, a new extended function has been added to enable users to control the movement of PTZ, adjust the direction, speed and height via a flight rocker in TapFly mode. Now, a single person can deal with the complicated flight and PTZ control.

Higher Performance PTZ

24、Improved “Wry Neck” Problem

“Wry Neck”, an aerial photography term, is used to describe the situation where the image is tilted as a result of insufficient PTZ precision during the flight. Actually, it is a common phenomenon for nearly all PTZ products in the current market as well as a huge obstacle arising in the process of scene shooting. X4S and X5S have adopted the latest PTZ control algorithm and system design, which has significantly reduced the frequency of “wry neck”. For Inspire2 users, “wry neck” can be avoided in most flight missions. Only in a few sports scenes, “wry neck” phenomenon can be seen. We are still trying our best to improve performance and eliminate this phenomenon as we can.

25、Support Multiple Lens Options

X5S PTZ supports front-end and back-end dual counterweight function which supports a range of lens. At present, it is compatible with 8 types of professional lens (including 2 zoom lens) with focal length ranging from 9mm to 45mm (for image size of 35mm, the equivalent focal length is ranging from 18mm to 90mm). You can use specific lens to meet the specific requirements of different scenes so as to achieve best visual effects and improve image expression.

26、PTZ Control Precision

The latest PTZ control system has lifted its PTZ control precision to 0.01°, making it easily deal with 45mm telephoto lenses. In contrast, the performance of Inspire1 RAW mounted 45mm lens is not good enough and stable frame is only available in smooth flight. Thus, it can be seen, enormous improvements have been achieved in Inspire2 PTZ.

27、Larger Vertical Angle Controllable Range

The controllable range in pitch direction is up to +45° -135° (when pitch angle expansion function is enabled) and the range is larger in upside down flight(related to the pitch angle of aircraft). In full-speed upside down flight, it can probably reach 60°(or 70° in the future). In addition, the downward controllable range is -135 ° (or -170° in the future). (All data refers to the controllable range when PTZ faces right ahead)

28、More Adjustable Parameters

In order to meet the requirements of a wide range of operation habits and scenes, multiple adjustable parameters of PTZ have been added to DJI GO 4, such as maximum speed, slowing taking-off and landing, exp curve and so on. Users are free to set these parameters as needed.

Performance Enhancements in Camera and Image Processing

29、Higher Performance Camera

The Zenmuse X4S is a powerful camera featuring a 20 megapixel 1-inch sensor and a dynamic range of 11.6 stops. Compared with Zenmuse X3, the dynamic range is increased by 1 stop, with signal to noise ratio and color sensitivity increased by 1.5 stops. Its maximum ISO reaches 12800 and the image quality has been greatly improved. Zenmuse X4S uses a DJI-designed compact lens 8.8mm/F2.8-11with low dispersion and low distortion 24mm equivalent prime lens. This 84° FOV makes the camera with amazingly high resolution, suitable for both video and image shooting. Zenmuse X5S uses the latest M4/3 backside illumination featuring 20.80 megapixel (pixel size: 3.3 μm) and a dynamic range of 12.8 stops, with signal to noise ratio and color sensitivity increased by 1.5 stops for next-level image quality.

30、Easy Configuration Upgrading

Just buy a software license as required, instead of buying a new product, one can upgrade the basic version X5S into a Pro-grade version compatible with CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes.

31、Powerful Processing Capability of Camera

X5S camera can record up to 5.2K 30fps CinemaDNG 12bit lossless video, 5.2K 30fps Apple ProRes 422 HQ and 4K 30fps Apple ProRes 4444 XQ (no alpha) video, 4K 60fps H.264 HFR video and 4K 30fps H.264/H.265 Supersampling(100Mbps). Impressive improvements have been showed in graphics details

32、Focusing and Following Focus

In the latest optimized focus peaking function, highlighted red shows the contour of focus range, which helps to easily confirm focus. And follow focus can help to further confirm the focus. Besides, the speed and precision of automatically focus have also been greatly increased.

33、Color Oscilloscope

The latest released color oscilloscope function can help to improve exposure effect, which has successfully solved the problem of poor exposure control in D-LOG.

34、New BD-LOG Curve

Pro-grade D-LOG can help to record more image information and fully utilize the exposure latitude of sensors.

Security Performance

Although the security configuration cannot endow much add value for photography activities, it plays an essential role in reducing risks, protecting the aircraft and your belongings. Any activated function can double ensure the security of your Inspire2.

35、Forward Visual Obstacle Avoidance System

Forward stereo visual system can help to detect obstacles within 30m and effectively avoid accidents resulting from operation failures.

36、Top Obstacles Avoidance Protection

The infrared sensor system on the top can effectively sense the objects within 5m above, thus helping aerial drone to avoid hitting against obstacles above in the process of taking off no matter in indoor environment, in woods or in a tunnel.

37、More Intelligent Return Control

Obstacle avoidance system can help to avoid almost all collisions in the process of returning.

38、Lowering Speed Protection

In the process of landing, downward visual system will automatically detect the landing range within 10 meters below. If any obstacle is detected, Inspire2 will automatically reduce lowering speed to avoid accidental collision. In addition, when intelligent landing gear is activated, Inspire2 cannot land within 50cm from the ground until the intelligent landing gear has completed transformation, which can effectively reduce the risks of accidental collision or falling into water.

39、Landing Terrain Detection

Landing protection function has been applied in the process of automatically landing and one-click landing. Binocular stereo visual system can calculate the terrain below via two cameras to judge whether it is appropriate to land in the current area and maximize the security of aircraft.

40、Dynamic Point of Return

When operating an aircraft in a moving car or ship and you don’t refresh the point of return manually, the original point of return might be far away from your actual position. Once the wireless link between controller and aircraft breaks down (being blocked, distracted or the distance is too far), the aircraft might lose its way of coming back to the point of return. However, the dynamic point of return together with stand-alone high performance GPS module or Crystalsky high-brightness screen can help to obtain more accurate and reliable position information of controller and sent the latest directions at a fixed time and in a fixed distance. Therefore, Inspire2 can always find its way to coming back to the position of operators, which has successfully solved one of the difficulties in motion shot.

41、Brand New Dual Battery Redundant Power Supply System Design

The new Inspire2 dual battery redundant power supply system makes it possible for users to complete secure flight with the emergency battery when one of the battery breaks down. Meanwhile, the built-in position sensor in the battery compartment can be used to check whether the battery is installed correctly, thus providing double assurance for users.

42、Battery Self-Heating Function

The new intelligent flight battery uses higher performance battery cell and has been optimized with a self-heating system capable of heating itself in -20°so as to guarantee normal flight for Inspire2 in extremely cold weather.

43、Propeller with Lock Structure

New propeller structure is optimized with lock, making it much easier for users to install and operate. It has also enhanced security and reliability.

44、Comprehensive and Secure Flight Data Record

Comprehensive flight data makes it easy to analyze and target aftersales problem when aircraft breaks down.

45、Redundant Flight Control System

Dual IMU redundant flight control system enables Inspire2 maintain normal flight with a IMU when another IMU breaks down.


46、Simpler and More Efficient Design

A brand new transforming design makes it more compact and lightweight and further increases its effective loading capacity.

47、Modular Mechanical Structure Design

Easier to install and dismantle, so customers can fix minor problems relevant to modular mechanical component by themselves.

48、Considerable Improvements in Product Stability and Reliability based on Aftersales Data

That is benefited from even more excellent software and hardware design, especially the flight control system and dynamics system.


49、CrystalSky Highlight LED

As aerial photography activities mainly take place outdoor, so the screen visibility affected by strong sunlight becomes one of the biggest challenges for outdoor operations. However, CrystalSky High-Brightness LED has considerably enhanced the screen visibility under bright sunlight, thus solving the biggest difficulty for aerial photography workers. On top of that, nearly all requirements for various photograph tasks, such as heat radiation, power system, interface and low temperature resistance, have been take into consideration, thus making it much easier for users to conduct outdoor operations.

50、Cendence Remote Control

The pro-grade remote control provides over 5 analogue control channels and more than 10 customize buttons, which has comprehensively improved the control efficiency and optimized control experience.

51、DJI Tracktenna Targeted Positioning High-Gain Antenna

It has greatly enhanced the stability and anti-interference performance of image transmission communication and increased communication distance as well.

52、Battery Charge Station

It allows 8 batteries to be charged simultaneously and supports fast discharge function. USB, remote control micro USB and a variety of other power supply micro USB are also available, making it an excellent battery charge manager for outdoor operation.


The above-mentioned 52 powerful improvements of Inspire2 are sure to make you stand out in the current market environment. Boasting the top performance far exceeding that of advanced drones at present, Inspire2 will promise you formidable competitiveness in the next 2 or 3 years. In addition, given its strong security, Inspire2 enables you to save considerable maintenance and operation costs. In this context, it is definitely worthwhile to upgrade your Inspire 1 with Inspire2 in the long term.

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