Dji mavic vs phantom 4 and best buy

How to choose between Mavic and Phantom4? Does Mavic overwhelmingly knock out Phantom4? I am sure there is an urgent need to compare these two products to avoid further misunderstanding. Actually, Mavic and Phantom 4 are definitely two products targeting at different consumers. Just judging from the appearance, you can find one is bigger and one small, one is gray and one white. Both drones are the flagship products of DJI and the “KO” comment cannot hold water. Now, in this article we are going to help you sort out your thoughts.

1,   Mavic focuses on “fun” while Phantom 4 highlights “function”. Although both products are equipped with the function of obstacles avoidance, it is much easy for you to fly a Mavic for it is small and compact. And a green hand will feel it easy to cope with. While Phantom 4 users perhaps also used to be the users of Phantom 2 or Phantom 4 who are quite familiar with the operation methods of DJI drones and enjoy the usage experience of Phantom series. On top of that, there are a lot of chic functions in Mavic, such as gesture photography, mobile Wi-Fi Link and even FPV googles. In that sense, we can say that Mavic is the first drone for younger people. However, that doesn’t mean that Phantom 4 losts its market as it focuses on attracting experienced users.

2, Same axle base and camera resolution ratio doesn’t mean same performance. According to the reports released by the foreign media, Mavic is not good as Phantom 4 in terms of image quality and aircraft dynamics. However, that doesn’t mean that Mavic is inferior given its compact size. But if you are keen on superior flying experience and image quality, Phantom must be a better option.

3, Mavic is priced 6,500 yuan and won’t come into the market until next month; Phantom 4 is priced 7,500 yuan and you can get a lower price if you buy it from an agency. That is to say, the prices of both products are extremely close to each other and what DJI intended to do is to offer more options for consumers instead of substituting one with another. However, Phantom is more elegant and smart in terms of its small size. For example, if you drive for a trip, Phantom will save you a lot of trouble. Therefore, judgement has to be made on a ‘case by case’ basis and we cannot simply say one is definitely superior to another.

4, As the milestone product of the drone industry, Phantom 4 has successfully introduced Machine Vision into the consumer level drone and significantly improved the safety performance of drones, which enables more users enjoy the fun of flying a drone. Standing on the shoulders of a giant, Mavic will definitely achieve greater success. In other words, Mavic should be regarded as a dividend of technology development, instead that “DJI has been trying all means to create better small size drone”. It is expected that Inspire 2 will be released in a couple of months and Phantom 4 might be updated as well. By then, perhaps, drones with omnidirectional obstacles avoidance will appear on the market. As scientific technologies are progressing, products are evolving all along the way.

5, As for how to choose between Mavic and Phantom 4? I think it’s a simple question. If you want a drone for fun, Mavic is definitely your first choice given its absolute superiority of compact size. If you want t a drone for aerial photography, chose Phantom with no doubt as a result of its market-leading image quality. If you want both, Phantom 4 will be a recommended option as it is both fun, user-friendly and equipped with obstacle avoidance function. Honestly, Mavic is not good enough for aerial photography. If you own a car and doesn’t care about the size and weight of drones, buy a Phantom 4 without hesitation.

6, Conclusion: As a byproduct of technology innovation, Mavic is a marvelous exploration of DJI in the field of small size drones. However, that doesn’t mean it is the best product modality, so take your time and look twice before you leap. Remember: Mavic focuses on “fun” and Phantom 4 highlights “function”. If you are a drone player, buy Mavic; if you are a drone user, chose Phantom 4. As for other types of drone in the market, not being critical to any particular product, they are nothing but shit.


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